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[ I couldn't find a thread covering everything, so here it is]

Curious to know if there are people here who have pre-ordered the new Golden Gun release by FE, due out Q3/4 2020.

Can be bought through their online store:

Or a "007 Store edition" limited to 500 pieces, which will include a different numbered plaque and a colour print of the original workshop design artwork:



Differences from the '09 run include a slightly reworked design and different packaging, this time a wooden box with display possibilities for both the assembled gun and seperate parts:


I placed mine the second it went online, I missed out in '09, not gonna miss out again.
For european buyers: do keep in mind that though it may look cheaper, the FE price is Ex shipping, import taxes etc. etc.

Anyone else put their order in already? Or maybe original FE edition owners who'd like to comment on the quality after 10 years? I'm quite curious as to me it'd be pretty much a "crown jewel" for my collection.


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    I'm wondering if it will be an issue ordering that online and going through customs seeing as it's in a shape of a gun. Unless it comes packed all in separate pieces..
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