It's pointless to rank Bond actors.

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James Bond is a product of the era he is in. Connery is voted the best by the majority of fans. He was assisted by the 60s era of masculinity and was able to get away with things that is not appropriate today. Lazenby falls in this category, an engaged man sleeping around with brainwashed women prior to his marriage. The Roger Moore era being inspired by more Sci Fi, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blaxpolation, Smokey and the Bandit, etc. Dalton's with Miami Vice, Die Hard type of action. Brosnan with the 90s style action, the rising popularity of video games, and making females more equal to Bond. Now Craig with the Jason Bourne inspired stuff. Now the MeToo movement with a female 007.
Each actor had to work within the constraints of their era and at times with what the producers and the world wanted.
Connery is the best according to many not because of his acting or on screen charisma/presence. The 60s era afforded him to get away with stuff that is called "toxic masculinity" today.
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