Guess the Outfit and Bond scene

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Please keep this cryptic as a Trump tweet sent four in the morning high on cheese burgers. if this has been done before then please revoke my licence to dress.

Bond films are artistic endeavours, from set designs, to locations to make-up and costume. The tailored 60s, to the flamboyant 70s, to the restrained modern DC era, I love Bond style. Pics, vids and 'did you know?' trivia most welcome.

Please answer with an image of the outfit.

First attempt:

White guipure lace all-in-one trouser suit formed of oversized daisy flower heads and seed pearls...


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    I'm bumping this thread to give it a second chance. In case it generates no interest, I'll close it. But it doesn't hurt to try at least one more time.
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    Challenge accepted.
    How about this?

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