Lazenby in THE MAN FROM HONG KONG (1975)

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Finally got to see this Hong Kong/Australian co-production in its entirety, via a terrific-looking HD upload to YouTube:

Lazenby plays the villain, an Aussie crime boss based in Sydney who likes to live large and is a skilled martial arts devotee. Opposing him is Golden Harvest action star Jimmy Wang Yu, as badass HK cop Inspector Fang.

Lazenby does all his own kung fu fighting, and is (naturally) quite good at it. Astonishingly, he appears to also be set on fire at one point, in a very dangerous stunt... I could swear that it's not a stunt man being immolated -- it's George. (The bloke had balls!)

The big final fight (with the fire stunt) begins at 1:36:03.


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    Awesome! Thanks. I've been looking for this film for quite a while.
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    I dont think they were so safety minded on those HK films , saw another kung fu (mightve been another Wang Yu movie) where they were waiving around lit torches in peoples faces , dangerous stuff

    Laz was actually burned in that scene , had it been in Hwood he couldve sued GH studios

    He was paid 10k for three GH films , the other two were Stoner (meh imo) and Queens Ransom (its okay)
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    He should've been paid that much for the fire stunt alone!
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