Should we be worried about the way [i]Bond 25[i] is shaping up?

Maybe it's because of intense scrutiny as never before by the world's press and social media that one can easily gain the impression that 'something is rotten in the state of' Bond 25. If one is to give credence to persistent press reports, some believe that EON suprema Barbara Broccoli is the root cause. Because of her unwavering conviction that Daniel Craig 'can walk on water', it seems La Broccoli is prepared to do anything to keep the reportedly volatile Craig happy. It was Craig's personal wish to bring on board the ubiquitous Phoebe Waller-Bridge as 'script doctor' - bringing to six (!) the number of screenwriters for Bond 25 - whereas a more logical choice would have surely been Jed Mercurio, THE master of edge-of-seat drama. And as for appointing 'an intimacy coordinator' for the sex scenes between Craig and love interest Ana de Armas, what could be more risible? Did de Armas have 'intimacy coordinators' for her sex scenes in Mentiras y gordos, Knock Knock, Hands of Stone and Anima, in which the actress reveals very considerably more than one will ever see in a Bond film? One may be forgiven for thinking that the producers and writers of Bond 25 have lost sight of what it is that brings audiences worldwide flocking to see a Bond film - new or otherwise. In cravenly kowtowing to the PC and #MeToo lobbies, the producers are in grave danger of throwing out the baby golden goose with the bathwater.
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