New audio serial celebrating vintage thrillers

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It occurred to me that members of this esteemed forum might be amused to hear of Filthy '47, a current project influenced by the works of those vintage British thriller writers - Dennis Wheatley, Dornford Yates, Eric Ambler, et al – said to have inspired Ian Fleming.

(Early Hitchcock films and Captain WE Johns’ Biggles adventures might be added to the above list of reference points. And for those of you with long memories of forum topics past, the old Orson Welles/Moonraker project also has some significance.)

Filthy '47 synopsis:

England, 1947. Former Land Girls Joyce and Kay scrape a meagre living as a cover artist and model for lurid paperbacks. While painter Kay prefers the quiet life, the tall and ebullient Joyce still resents being turned down for wartime espionage work on account of her height.

However, Joyce belatedly gets her chance to “do her bit” when, together with two new chums, pilot turned pulp author Peter West and his old comrade Flight Sergeant Byron Bayley, she and Kay stumble upon a plot to plunge the world back into war.

Fate soon brings the foursome to the centre of this Wodehousian web of intrigue, Thrapsley Hall. In their remote gothic edifice, disgruntled aristos Sir Reginald and Lady Muriel Thrapsley hold court to a motley crew of conspirators: Murchison, a shadowy American wheeler-dealer; Kessler, a fugitive Nazi; ; and ribald radio comedian Jehosophat Jenks, accompanied by his support act, all-female ukelele trio The Dinky-Don’ts. Also along for the ride are a dashing Polish army captain, Kay’s long-lost brother Harold and Loretta Duquesne, a ditzy New York adventuress.

Not everyone, however, is who or what they seem.

Can Joyce and her friends gain the upper hand when confronted with a lethal cocktail of mischief mixed from ingredients including a secret nerve gas formula, a coffin full of guns, a primitive video disc whose contents would shock the world, and one woman’s fanatical thirst for revenge?

For anyone who may be at all interested, a promo video/trailer can be viewed here:

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