The Great Bond Villain Plot Elimination Game !

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This is one I made back on page 68 which hasn't been used yet,and nothing seems to be happening to rival the other game (the video game) ,so,as we can have 2,i have stepped up with this bad boy .
Same rules as usual,name the day you are voting on,once per day ,+1 and -2 :

The Great Bond Villain Plot Game :

1) (DN) Doctor No's toppling of American test missiles to aid the Russians programme,to give them the lead in the race,gaining funds for SPECTRE. (15)

2) (FRWL) SPECTRE's plan to play British and Russian Secret Services against each other,therefore stealing a Lector Decoding Machine for themselves,making them a powerhouse ransom in the process as both sides bid to buy it back. (15)

3) (GF) Goldfinger's plot to contaminate Fort Knox and make him the only Gold merchant and supplier for years to come.(15)

4) (TB) SPECTRE's plot to steal 2 nuclear warheads and hold the world for a massive ransom or a major British or American city will be destroyed.(15)

5) (YOLT) SPECTRE 's plot capturing American and Russian spacecraft,leading both countries to begin World War III,on the payroll of China.(15)

6) (OHMSS) SPECTRE's plot to send out brainwashed girls who can activate a major virus around the world unless Blofeld is pardoned for all his crimes and becomes a Count.(15)

7) (DAF) BLOFELD's plot to use smuggled diamonds in a satellite ,made in the laboratories of Willard Whyte,to hold the world to ransom for a large sum.(15)

8) (LALD) Mr BIG/DR KANANGA's plot to spread heroin throughout New York and eventually all the US,to become the new national drug lord ,using his poppy fields for supply on San Monique.(15)

9) (TMWTGG) Scaramanga's plot to use the 'Solex Agitator',which can help solve the Worlds energy crisis,to sell to the highest bidder,regardless who they may be.(15)

10) (TSWLM) Stromberg's plot to use British,American and Russian nuclear submarines to destroy major parts of the world,leading to a world existing only under the sea.(15)

11) (MR) Drax's plot to use fatal orchid's,launched from space,to wipe out civilization,leaving his 'master' race to re-populate,with him as their leader.(15)

12 (FYEO) Kristatos' plot to retrieve the ATAK in the West,on behalf of the Russians,for a large sum of money,while misleading MI6 with his heroic Western war record.(15)

13 (OP) General Orlov and Kamal Khan's plot to set off a nuclear Bomb in a US Airforce base in West Germany,tearing NATO apart and leaving the West defenceless against Russian invasion.(15)

14) (AVTAK) Zorin's plot to flood Silicon Valley,California,to totally command the worlds microchip market and earn domination in the field of computers.(15)

15) (TLD) Khoskov and Whitakers plot to use Russian funds to purchase opium from the Muhjahideen, keep most of the money for themselves,and give arms to Russian forces while buying Western arms from Whitaker,playing all sides against each other.(15)

16) (LTK) Sanchez's plan to increase his drug empire to the Far East,while having Stinger missiles,using them to blackmail Governments by threatening commercial airliners,for immense sums of money.(15)

17) (GE) Trevelyn's plot to use a second unknown 'Goldeneye' EMP satellite to fire on London and destroy the UK's finances and all known records,causing global financial meltdown .(15)

18) (TND) Carver's plot to play off British and Chinese Governments against each other to begin a war,with the help of Chinese General Chang,meaning he can gain exclusive rights to China for his media corporation,and install Chang as the new President.(15)

19) (TWINE) King's plot to destroy Istanbul and the oil pipe-lines ,leaving hers the only one to be used,to totally control the oil industry,by using an old Soviet Nuclear submarine. (15)

20 (DAD) Graves' plot to use the Icarus satellite,showing as a natural sun-reflector for 24 hour growth of crops,to fire on the DMZ in Korea,to allow North Korea to destroy the South and become a world power.(15)

21 (CR) Le Chiffre's plot to use trusted guerrilla funds to win back shares invested in a escapade that went wrong,by desparately playing poker,no matter what it takes.(15)

22 (QOS) Greene's plot to take over the water supply of Bolivia and then start the same procedure for all South America,leaving the whole continent in the control of Quantum.(15)

23 (SF) Silva's plot using cyber-terrorism and a stolen hard-drive revealing Western agents and their cover,to gain revenge on M and MI6 cause maximum damage .(15)

24 (SP) Blofeld's plot to use the 'Nine Eyes' programme,a programme where 9 major nations would share total access to eachothers intel,for his own means,to gain total access to the World's Intelligence services,leading to corruption and control for SPECTRE.(15)


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    We did play it a few months ago, last spring/summer. DN came last and OP won.
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    Aah you know what ? I look for it on google n it didn’t show up but I had a real niggle x thanks Thundy !
    Mods please close this .
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