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For a bit of context, I haven't actually seen all the films yet (have mercy) I just recently started getting into the movies because I'm too young to have grown up watching them. I've been told that the writing isn't good and that Casino royale, From Russia with Love, and the Spy who Loved me are the only books worth a read. I'm hesitant though because when the same people said the Godfather book wasn't good, I read it anyway and thought it was amazing except for the weird subplot.

I'll assume that like the movies, it doesn't matter what order I read the books in (please correct me if I'm wrong). What book should I start with, and are they really as poorly written as I've been told?


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    Well I don't know who told you they are poorly written, but they have have wrong. You really should them, and in order (it's really matter for some of them).
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    @Au79 not a bad question, but not really worthy of it's own thread either. I suggest you continue with your questions here:
    But to answer your question, it is important to read the novels in order; there are themes and subtle subplots that actually carry through the entire run. And Fleming's writing is consistently superb, do not ever speak to those fools again who are telling you otherwise.
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