The crime fiction thread

I thought I’d make this thread about crime fiction, all crime fiction, in all mediums. So basically you can talk here about your favourite authors, novels, movies, etc. And what the genre means to you and where do you think it can go.


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    I love Bullitt
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    Anyone into Crime fiction books, check out Joe R Lansdale's Hap & Leonard books. You won't be disappointed.

    Start with Savage Season then Mucho Mojo.....
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    Kings of the Genre:

    Donald E. Westlake
    Charles Willeford
    David Goodis
    Elmore Leonard
    Jim Thompson
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    Escalus5 wrote: »
    Kings of the Genre:

    Donald E. Westlake
    Charles Willeford
    David Goodis
    Elmore Leonard
    Jim Thompson

    I've only read Elmore Leonard and Jim Thompson of these.

    My favourite contemporary ones now are George Pelecanos and Deon Meyer.
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    Great idea for a thread, @Ludovico.

    I've been collecting a pile of classic Golden Age fiction over the last few years in old paperback editions.

    Has anyone here read any John Dickson Carr/Carter Dickson, he of the locked room mystery fame? Any recommendations from among his work?
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    Thanks @Dragonpol. I don't read Golden Age crime fiction much, not whodunits anyway, I'm more into hardboiled and noir.

    My wife bought me Cassandra Darke at Christmas, which was both a great Christmas read and an even greater crime fiction read.
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    @Ludovico suggested this as a place where I could indulge my fondness for Dick Tracy, so here I am!

    I've been a fan of the comic strip since I encountered it in my dad's Penguin History of Comics years ago. Soon after that the Disney film arrived, bringing a ton of merch. I enjoyed the recent reboot very much, too.
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    I barely read Dick Tracy. I quite enjoyed the movie with Warren Beaty.
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    Other brilliant and kings of the crime genre
    Michael Connelly - Harry Bosch series
    Richard Stark -Parker & Grofeld series
    Philip Kerr - Bernie Gunther series
    Simenon - Maigret series
    Colin Dexter - Morse series
    Richard B Parker - Jesse Stone and Spenser series
    Jo Nesbo - Harry Hole
    Jon Connolly - Charlie Parker
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    I'm reading The Last Hunt by Deon Meyer. Great stuff so far.
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    Today is Benny Griessel's birthday:

    I can't wait to read the new Deon Meyer novel when it is translated and released.
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