What happens to the Bond Girls that live after every adventure?

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I’ve been quite curious about their were abouts, some of them do die during one of Bond’s missions while others live. Like in From A View To A Kill.


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    Well, in the the recent book Trigger Mortis Pussy Galore is shown to follow the Goldfinger story in an ongoing relationship with Bond though it dissolves pretty quickly.

    I see the film Bond pretty much the same as the book Bond: he falls for the latest Bond Girl in the short term, but after film's end it doesn't last long enough to survive the assignment of his next mission. There's no movie example for a main Bond Girl character returning (different than Sylvia Trench's short appearances). (And if they did, witness Paris Carver's unfortunate end.)
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    He shags and moves on.
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    It's an interesting thought. Another thought I had is does he visit the graves of the women who he lost? We see him visiting Tracy's grave and there is obviously a big reason why. Does Bond visit Paula's grave? Aki? etc.

    I always picture the heroine and Bond having one last fling and romantic night. Like Jinx and Bond at the end of DAD. Then they part ways. I wasn't a fan of how Pussy Galore was handling in Trigger Mortis.
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    Great lover, horrible boyfriend, I suspect.

    In the books, you do sometimes find out what happens from one novel to the next. Sometimes it's a breakup, sometimes it's amicable and they write letters to each other.

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    Disposable pleasures.
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    Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,basically.
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    He gets caught up in the adrenaline and then he's over it?
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    From Russia With Love, Ian Fleming, 1957.

    Part Two - THE EXECUTION
    Chapter Eleven - The Soft Life

    Breakfast was Bond's favourite meal of the day. When he was stationed in London it was always the same. It consisted of very strong coffee, from De Bry in New Oxford Street, brewed in an American Chemex, of which he drank two large cups, black and without sugar. The single egg, in the dark blue egg cup with a gold ring round the top, was boiled for three and a third minutes.

    It was a very fresh, speckled brown egg from French Marans hens owned by some friend of May in the country. (Bond disliked white eggs and, faddish as he was in many small things, it amused him to maintain that there was such a thing as the perfect boiled egg.) Then there were two thick slices of wholewheat toast, a large pat of deep yellow Jersey butter and three squat glass jars containing Tiptree `Little Scarlet' strawberry jam; Cooper's Vintage Oxford marmalade and Norwegian Heather Honey from Fortnum's. The coffee pot and the silver on the tray were Queen Anne, and the china was Minton, of the same dark blue and gold and white as the egg-cup.
    That morning, while Bond finished his breakfast with honey, he pinpointed the immediate cause of his lethargy and of his low spirits. To begin with, Tiffany Case, his love for so many happy months, had left him and, after final painful weeks during which she had withdrawn to an hotel, had sailed for America at the end of July. He missed her badly and his mind still sheered away from the thought of her. And it was August, and London was hot and stale. He was due for leave, but he had not the energy or the desire to go off alone, or to try and find some temporary replacement for Tiffany to go with him. So he had stayed on in the half-empty headquarters of the Secret Service grinding away at the old routines, snapping at his secretary and rasping his colleagues.
    Even M had finally got impatient with the surly caged tiger on the floor below, and, on Monday of this particular week, he had sent Bond a sharp note appointing him to a Committee of Inquiry under Paymaster Captain Troop. The note said that it was time Bond, as a senior officer in the Service, took a hand in major administrative problems. Anyway, there was no one else available. Headquarters were short-handed and the 00 Section was quiescent. Bond would pray report that afternoon, at 2.30, to Room 412.

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    Agent_99 wrote: »
    Great lover, horrible boyfriend, I suspect.

    In the books, you do sometimes find out what happens from one novel to the next. Sometimes it's a breakup, sometimes it's amicable and they write letters to each other.

    I think the end of TLD explained what will happen next in Bond and Kara's relationship: they both go back to their respective jobs. Kara will have her world concert tour and Bond will go on to his next mission. I like to think Dalton's Bond eventually reunites with Maryam d'Abo's Kara someday after the series is over since their chemistry was quite good. On a similar note, I like to pretend that OP was Moore's Bond last adventure and that his Bond retired to India with Maud Adams' Octopussy Smythe.

    One Bond girl's fate I'm particularly curious about is Tatiana Romanova's. Although she thought she was working for SMERSH she was unknowingly working for SPECTRE. If she returned to Russia she probably would've gotten a one way ticket to Siberia since they saw her as a defector/traitor. Interestingly enough, her character was supposed to return in an early script draft for the 10th Bond film but later script drafts changed her character to Anya Amasova in TSWLM.
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