"Sickies" and witnessing history being made

I did not take the decision lightly but, yesterday, myself and my 15 year old, cricket mad son took the day off and went to see Cook make his 147 at the Oval (will mean little to overseas forum members). This was within a context of being brought up by strict parents who always insisted that there was nothing more important than school and "bunking off" was close to a hangable offence and I never "bunked off" once during my whole school career.

My own take is that education takes many forms and the chance to witness history being made is sometimes a better option than a routine school day.

So, on that basis, if members could go back in time and "bunk off" what accessible events do they wish they had witnessed rather than a routine school day?

I'll start with two examples: the day Mrs Thatcher entered Number 10 for the first time and the day HMS Hernes and Invincible departed Portsmouth for the Falklands.


  • Agent_99Agent_99 enjoys a spirited ride as much as the next girl
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    Well done you! (I'm not a cricket fan but my mum was glued to the coverage.)

    I wish I'd pulled a sickie for the recent RAF100 flypast over London, though I suspect my colleagues would have rumbled me.
  • zebrafishzebrafish <°)))< in Octopussy's garden in the shade
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    Driving through the GDR to Berlin in the days after the fall of the Berlin wall on 9 Nov. 89. Did not do it, still regret it.

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