Bond style clothing and your level of commitment

kg54mvpkg54mvp USA
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Hey there everyone,

Especially for people who emulate bond's clothing style.

Hopefully this is the correct area to post in. I LOVE the Bond style, especially the dan craig era outfits he wears in the movies. I try to emulate some of them, and get clothing that would fit the similar style (especially the enjoying death scene from skyfall).

But alas, I also am human, and have some other hobbies. (soccer...I mean football, and other sports).
I find myself on certain days wanting to look dapper and Bond-esque, and other days throwing on a jersey and shorts.

My question for you all, or questions are:

1)To what extent do you dress like Bond? Do you make your whole wardrobe similar to what he would wear?
2) Do you waffle back and forth over what style clothing to wear?

I think that being realistic I don't think I will ever grow out of the athletic look, but I will always aim to have more bond esque outfits.


  • mybudgetbondmybudgetbond The World
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    Well I have an instagram account detailing my dedication to Bond clothing:-) if you're interested!

    I would wear a "complete" Bond outfit a couple of times a week. I too am a fan of the Craig era clothing, but I also get inspiration from Connery and Lazenby. I don't wear a suit for my job (so when I do wear a suit it's always fun and always a "Bond suit"), so most of the outfits I wear are casual. Tomorrow for example I plan to wear the Tangiers outfit from Spectre when he arrives at L'Americain.

    On the days I don't wear a Bond replica outfit, I mix and match various elements, but of course there are days when I don't wear anything Bond related at all!

    But it is a fun way to cosplay, without being overt about it.
  • kg54mvpkg54mvp USA
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    Wow that's awesome! I want to for sure find some more pieces of the Craig outfits and wear those, but also have balance when i wear my athletic gear at times too!

    Love your Instagram page, some great dedication!!
  • mybudgetbondmybudgetbond The World
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    Thank you!

    I think when you feel in a Bond mood wear something Bondian, and when you're feeling in a more casual mood wear what you like:-)
  • Agent_99Agent_99 enjoys a spirited ride as much as the next girl
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    This is something I've got interested in recently, thanks mostly to and @mybudgetbond. My wardrobe has started to go a little bit Bond in small ways, e.g. I'm wearing more black and dark blue than before.

    I go for the sort of clothes I'd wear anyway; I like the military look, so it wasn't a big stretch to buy an M65-style jacket. (It's unlikely anyone would look at me and think 'aha, the opening scene from GoldenEye', but I've had a surprising number of people say 'cool jacket'.)

    Having said that, I will confess that I've just bought a self-tie bow tie, which I'm struggling to master. As a girl, I have no reason or excuse for bow tie ownership other than playing at Bond.
  • CJ007CJ007 United Kingdom
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    I've not been a huge one for this (mainly due to price of what Bond wears)


    for my wedding I had a suit made by the same company (Major Tailors in Fulham) that made Bond's wedding suit for on her majesty's secret service, in the same colour scheme with a few modern tweaks on the styling
  • Agent_99Agent_99 enjoys a spirited ride as much as the next girl
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    Kudos to you! That's excellent.
  • imranbecksimranbecks Singapore
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    Here is my tailored Skyfall inspired tuxedo. Wore it last year for the wedding of my sister in law. I stole the show. Some thought i was the groom..hahaha

  • TripAcesTripAces Universal Exports
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    Everything I wear is DC inspired, including clothing from each of his Bond films. I study all of it and then find cheaper alternatives. I have done pretty well, in this regard, and have found some styles that I can cross over.

    An example:

    My favorite is the QoS outfit: black shawl cardigan, white dress shirt, light khakis, dark brown desert boots (Calvin Klein). From this, I can take the light khakis (actually Levis 541 khakis) and also pair them with taupe suede desert boots (Clarks) dark blue fitted polo (Apt 9 @ Kohls) and a light sueded jacket (Zara) to match his Moroccan outfit from SP. The same pants and shoes also work well with a white dress shirt (Van Heusen), light brown knitted tie, and fitted tan blazer (really cheap, from Target) for his other Morrocan look.

    The Calvin Klein dark brown suede desert boots are a must. Craig wears boots like these a lot in QoS, as well as TGWTDT, as well as every day. I got my pair for less than $60 US.

    Another favorite: the "Enjoying Death" outfit from SF. Again, same pair of Levis Khakis, paired with a light blue/gray floral patterned shirt from Banana Republic (from a distance, looks EXACTLY like the Zara shirt in SF), the same taupe Clarks desert boots, and an unstructured brown leather jacket (which can be ditched if it is warm out).

  • mybudgetbondmybudgetbond The World
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    That looks great @imranbecks !

    Any pics @TripAces Always looking for new inspirations! I too mix and match my alternatives e.g. I use my suede brown chukkas for the Casino PTS outfit, Quantum Talamone & Harrington outfits and the Spectre Bridge outfit. Of course all of those boots are different in real life, but I don’t need the exact ones and am happy to re-use the one pair for all outfits.

    My job allows for a certain amount of expenses...but not as much as Bond’s!
  • SeanCraigSeanCraig Germany
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    Adopted some QoS items: The black shawl cardigan (replica from Magnoli) with withe dress shirt and chinos. Plus the magnificent Harrington Jacket.

    Love the QoS clothing ...
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