What Bond movies do you plan to return to this year?

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There are different kind of Bond fans. Some watch them all every year, at least once. For me, I don't want to burn out, plus I have other movies (and pursuits in general) that I enjoy. I like to avoid rewatching a movie to soon so it still feels fresh the next time I watch it.

That being said, when I do start watching Bond movies this year, it'll be purely out of interest. I'm done with doing marathons for OCD reasons and I don't want to negatively impact my opinion of any movie in the franchise by watching it on a night that I'm not really in the mood for it.

For the films I didn't really care for overall (DAF, TMWTGG, FYEO, AVTAK, DAD, SP), I'll probably just watch my favorite parts of it on Youtube but not sit through a whole film.

I'd probably like to watch Octopussy, Goldfinger, Dr. No, Goldeneye and The Living Daylights this year.

If anything, the films I remember kindly but am least familiar with are where I'm inclined to start.


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    I probably go thru the entire series once or twice per year. I do find the Cubby films more consistently re-watchable. I can watch DN, FRWL, GF, OHMSS, OP, LTD and so forth several times a year.
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    All of them once the Bond room is completed towards the end of next month!
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    All of them. The girlfriend has watched perhaps two or three of them.
    Well, we kicked it off with DN today.
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    Mostly the Moore and Connery ones and for Christmas the regular OHMSS.
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    Next I will return to my favourites GF and TB (I watch them 2-4 times a year) plus CR, QoS and SF. Then I am planning to see DN, FRWL, LALD, FYEO, OP, TLD throughout the summer and for sure OHMSS during christmas.

    The movies I am seeing the most remain GF, TB, CR,QoS and SF though ... they never bore me for different reasons each.
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    Planning on doing a full Bondathon sometime this month and/or next. I'm going to try and give particular consideration towards LALD, TMWTGG, AVTAK, TLD, LTK, and TWINE. These are the ones I feel like I too willingly neglect (LALD), overlook positive aspects of (TMWTGG, AVTAK, TLD, LTK), and/or go into with some preconceived bias against (TWINE).
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    Undecided as to which Bond films I'll watch this year. Feeling the urge to watch a couple now, but those are my "summer regulars"; DN, FRWL, GF, TB, DAF, TMWTGG, TSWLM and FYEO.

    Will probably try to pick some others. LALD and OP looks the obvious ones right now, possibly throwing in a viewing of OHMSS as well, while it's snow outside.
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    Don t think I am watching any Bond this year.
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