James Bond 10p coin

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Reporting in from a queue on The Royal Mint's website...
British currency is also changing as a new series of 10p coin designs have now started to enter circulation.

A total of 2.6 million coins have been struck, each of which will have one of 26 designs aimed at celebrating British life.

There is a design for each letter of the alphabet, from the Angel of the North to the Zebra Crossing, including fish and chips, the Loch Ness Monster and James Bond among others.



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    B for Bond
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    Oh yes! I have certainly gotta try and lay my hands on one of these!!!
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    Huge queue on the Royal Mail web site.
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    "Ever since Croesus, the first millionaire, invented gold coins, money has depreciated. And the face of the coin has been debased as fast as its value. First the faces of gods were on the coins. Then the faces of kings. Then of presidents. Now there's no face at all. Look at this stuff! ... Muck! The miracle is that you can still buy things with it.'"
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    Just got on there after an hour wait.

    No Bond ones left and what they have are £35 a pop. Some jammy sods going to make a mint (if you'll excuse the pun) on eBay.

    Edit: tell a lie, they've got some. But they're on eBay for £8.95 already so bugger it I'm not shelling out £35 for something I'll probably look at once and then put in a box. For £10-15 I would have been in but that's a bit steep.
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    I'm counting on everyone I know saving me any they get in their change!

    I bet an awful lot of these will vanish from circulation, and not down the back of the sofa either.
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    There's also a Q-coin. Just sayin'. Save one for me.

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    Saw this reported in The Times yesterday and was very glad to see James Bond recognised as a British cultural icon in this way.

    Funnily enough I'd been thinking recently about Bond or Fleming being recognised on a coin or banknote and now it's finally happened!
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    cool, will have to keep a look out for these. been watching my change the last year or so before the old £1 changed for any rare ones
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