Female james bond

If you have a female 007 then it is no longer a james bond movie doubt if ian wanted a female in the role when its based on a gentlemen spy. I believe in the #Me Too movement but tradtion in certin things should remain.make a women spy movie don't destry james bond love him just the way he is .a mans man.too many shirt tails being riden on remakes. Somethings not broken don't fix it.


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    Agreed, well said- let's let the ladies have their own spy franchise, if they're so equal. Let them stand on their own merits.
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    There already is a female Bond type character
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    To some extent I'd say Bond is an anti-hero. I think it's important for some folks to realize that. The character is deeply flawed and has unfortunate habits. That's part of his enduring appeal. He's not perfect. I don't believe his behaviour is inconsistent with the spirit of #MeToo, but it may be seen to be inconsistent with the politics of it. This is an adult game. Children hoping to remake the world in their image can go play with their toys.

    So no changes to Bond thank you very much.
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