Question re: Sideshow 1/400 Roger Moore James Bond Statue

jimlukisjimlukis Los Angeles, CA
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I know this is a stretch, and I hope it's ok to post this:

Quite a few years back, Sideshow made a limited number of these statues/figurines, and now I regret not having bought one. So, this is a long shot but does anyone know where I can buy one at a reasonable rate? They sometimes popup on eBay but for a ridiculous price. Like I said, I know it's a stretch, but I thought I'd ask. :)


  • imranbecksimranbecks Singapore
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    You mean the 1/4 Premium Format ones from Sideshow? Ebay is the best place imo.

    I have the Brosnan one...

  • jimlukisjimlukis Los Angeles, CA
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    Yes, that's the one. I just found one on eBay that I just bought. I also have the Sean Connery. There are great "antique" collectibles.
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    The only one that I failed to get my hands on from Sideshow was the Thunderball 1/6 scale figure. Which rally was abit of a con as it was just a different head sculpt.
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