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I'm openly a cinema snob and hell will freeze over before I attend a multiplex (unless they are showing TSWLM ),
so whats the best independent movie house out there?
I like the one in Reigate, UK. A member of staff comes out before the screening to say hello and talk about movies due out next week, nice touch plus you can order coffee and cake and they bring it to you whilst the trailers are on - pure class.


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    City Screen in York - they have nice cafe part to it as well.
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    Been a while but their used to be one in Stratford upon Avon. A good friend of mine used to work there many years ago.
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    There used to be 2 in Harrow,where I lived when I was a kid - a Granada and an ABC.
    They always showed different films to each other,so I was spoilt for choice.
    They are both gone now,needless to say.

    Another piece of history gone.
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    I live in London, so I'm very spoiled when it comes to indie cinemas and I should make more use of them.

    Whirled Cinema, near Loughborough Junction, offer private hire and I had my birthday party there - watching TSWLM, as it happens. Owner gets points for saying "Ah, yes, you're the Bond girl," when I rang up to make the final arrangements.

    I discovered the Institute of Light in London Fields just this week, as they were showing Octopussy. It was very friendly and lovely, but what really sold it to me was the seating, which had been repurposed from an airliner.

    Both cinemas are under railway arches, and shake every few minutes as a train passes overhead. You get used to it.
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    Of course to a literary snob a cinema snob is still very common. ;)
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    We have no theatres that aren't multiplexes here.
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    I also use the Everyman Cinema in Reigate. Small world! I live just 10 minutes up the road from there! It's a great little place and really laid back. Last film I saw there was Blade Runner 2049.

    Also nearby the Everyman is a cool little fantasy merchandise/comic shop. The owner is incredibly helpful and friendly

    The only other nearby cinema is the abomination that is the cineworld Crawley. Horrible place that has no idea of how to present a film properly.

    Used to love going to the Scala cinema in London's Kings Cross when I lived in London. Saw many weird and wonderful movies in there. Even met Dario Argento in there once!
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