Silhouettes: A James Bond Story


My latest 007 fanfic. Enjoy!

After a beautiful MI6 agent goes rogue in Kuala Lumpur and creates an international incident, James Bond is sent to capture or eliminate her in order to avoid a war between India and Pakistan. But as he pursues her through Southeast Asia, he discovers there is much more to the situation than meets the eye, and comes face-to-face with an old enemy...


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    About half way through, and this is without a doubt one of the smartest fan treatments I've read.
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    I'm glad you're enjoying it.
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    I have to say, that was incredibly well done.
  • jake24jake24 Sitting at your desk, kissing your lover, eating supper with your familyModerator
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    I can say with confidence that this was the best fan treatment I've had the fortune of reading. A perfect example of an effective send-off for Craig's Bond without going in the predictable root many fans consider the only option going forward. If Bond 25 ends up being of similar quality to this, I'd be more than happy.

    Some constructive feedback:

    I don't think we see enough of Blofeld. The story is clearly building up to something bigger than meets the eye, and when that turns out to be the man responsible for the pain that plagued Bond's recent life, it's a bit anticlimactic to see Blofeld restricted to one, albeit very well-crafted scene. I would have had Bond and Indira apprehended and awake in the garden itself, with the reveal of Blofeld taking place in person and in-turn having a bit more of an impact on the audience. I would have ended the third act with an intense fight between Blofeld and an injured Bond, ending with Blofeld being strangled to death. What would follow is the epilogue that you described, but this way both Indira and Bond obtain their much-needed solace, contributing to a more satisfying conclusion. In addition, I would have inserted an Aston (but a gadget-less one) somewhere in the story as well, perhaps replacing the Toyota.

    Other than that, you compiled an impeccable story here, and I hope more Bond fans have the chance to read it.
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    Thanks for the positive feedback. I like your suggestion of a final confrontation with Blofeld. I stayed away from that, because I kind of wanted to return Blofeld to his status in the first few Connery films where he was a presence behind the main bad guy. That said, your idea could work, too. I'll have to experiment with it some.

    Thanks again!
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