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Any idea if this concept is going to make it to the USA? Seems shortsighted for them not to do so. May need a UK middleman here (LOL). Thanks


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    There's already a discussion about that series here :

    And no, I don't think they're going to export it to the US. AFAIK, they didn't do that the first time, so why would they do it a second time ?

    This said, having already done the first collection, I'll pick and chose which models I want. I have enough place in my display cases to put 16 further models, 20 if things go there, so I can add models which I don't have, starting with the DB10.
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    I'm confused if you're discussing the diecast cars or the museum. If you mean the diecast cars, they can be ordered to the USA by this link:

    The museum won't be touring though.
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    Well, given that the thread is in the "Merchandise" section, I guess it's about the collection, not the exhibition.
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