Leaked scripts

Hey folks I'm pretty sure this may already have a thread but I couldn't find it. So sorry for starting a new one. Feel free to rectify.

I have been looking for ages for any of the Spectre leaked scripts, would anyone be able to help me out? Either to send me a copy or where I can find them?

Thank you. Hope you are all having a great day.


  • NicNacNicNac Administrator, Moderator
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    At the time, prior to the films release we had a lot of requests for the leaked script. Any enquiries were dismissed on these boards, as our sympathies naturally lay with Eon.

    Now, I have no idea, but we certainly don't encourage the exchange of such items.
  • JamesBondKenyaJamesBondKenya Danny Boyle laughs to himself
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    Or if there are Quantum or skyfall scripts I would read those. I read the CR script that was pretty good
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