A golden age of actors?

Just watched Scent of a Woman and had forgotten what a great movie it is (another Martin Brest Classic) and a stand out performance by Pacino. It got me thinking, who else could have taken that role during that period?

De Niro? Eastwood? Nicholson? Gibson? Hackman? Ford? Hoffman? Actors with real power, maturity and screen presence.

Now, if they remade it this year, who would you cast?

Washington? Pitt?



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    Eastwood and Jack Nicholson come to mind for the Pacino era.

    Yeah, Denzel would be interesting for modern. Not Pitt. Maybe Clooney.

    That film was probably Philip Seymour Hoffman's breakout role too, the first of many such dubious and somewhat sleazy characters.
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    I see no reason for us having two threads covering more or less the same ground.
    I suggest we close this thread for it has only one comment in it. The other thread can have its title adjusted to invite a wider response perhaps.
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