Roger Moore Commemorative Collectible

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Hi Everyone and thank you approving my membership.
We are a manufacturer of licensed collectibles. As a mad James Bond fan for as long as I can remember, it was awesome when we picked up the license to create a statue of Sir Roger Moore based on photos taken of him during his filming of 'Live & Let Die', by the infamous British photographer; Terry O' Neill, who followed Roger around for many years.

When we started this project, Sir Roger, was fully on board and very excited especially when we sent him the head sculpt to approve. Unfortunately before we could finish the full statue, Sir Roger Passed away.
We had to wait around another month, before we got the approval and endorsement from the family to continue.

So we are now on the last stage of the prototype to finish the first statue, which will have Roger Moore's signature carved into the base. Please take a look at some of the images and further information on our website;

Also please sign up for the newsletter, so you can keep getting regular updates and I will keep everyone posted on this site and look at offering some exclusives to all the MI6 members.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you like it!
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