Anyone been watching The Bond's on ITV4 on Friday Night?

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Enjoyed Moonraker and For your eyes only the last fortnight, Looking forward to Octopussey this week. License To Kill is still my fave though.


  • Isin't that the channel that usually puts Bond movies on before the watershed and if you sit down to watch License To Kill for instance it's been cut to ribbons and a third of the film is missing

    If we hurry in time we might just grab the -, Watch the Birdie you- , Hong Kong narcotics!, you- etc etc

    Expect to see omitted also the Lamora whipping, Leiter being fed to sharks, Milton Crest in the pressure chamber, Dario in the cocaine grinder, and Sanchez being torched at the end of film, all said, there won't be much to see.

    If they truly want to show something in all it's glory it should be on at an appropriate time and left as it should be intended
  • Hey Baltimore, I was watching ITV last year in the afternoon (Live and Let Die was on)
    and I clearly heard "Take this Honky out of here" enjoying a rather full 'jazz cigarette' at the time and I had a laughing fit.
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