James Bond Card Game

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A card game of duelling assassins.

Just a small side-project I'm working on. It's not going to be a clone of Magic the Gathering. Rather than battling numerous creatures/characters against each other, the game would consist of just 1 Bond card and 1 Villain card in a spatial grid (I'm still debating on 3x3, 3x4 or 4x4). They each (typically) move 1 space, but can sometimes move 2 with certain card abilities. I'm also considering adding Henchmen and MI6 agents to the respective players' decks, however, either the Bond or the villain dying means game over. When Bond and the Villain enter the same square, they battle and take damage. They can only withstand a few attacks, so they either must use their other cards to help them escape or fight back. The direction the card is facing matters. Attacking the other player from behind doubles the damage. Game length is going to presumed to be <10 minutes each, best 3 of 5.

As far as the card types. There will be:
Pilot Cards (Bond or the Villain)
Boost Cards (gadgets, martinis, women for Bond; for the Villain, itll be booby traps and such)
Stat Cards (which boost the Pilot's offense, speed or defense)
Player Cards (card for the player to manage their deck/discard pile/and other resources)

Tentatively speaking, the player's deck will have 30 cards. The players start with 4 cards but draw a card each passing turn. Running out of cards in the deck doesn't mean game-over, but it does mean you won't have resources to draw from. Each turn will consist of (A) Drawing 1 card, (B) playing up to 2 Boost/Stat/Player cards but no more than 1 of each (C) Pilot changing their position, (D) Pilot moving, (E) Pilot opting attacking a card if possible.

One thing this game still needs is several cost systems. There needs to be trade-offs and several factors. For example, in Magic the Gathering, the player can sacrifice field advantage to save their health points. However, making bad tradeoffs to keep health points high results in the other player building up a field and attacking you anyway. Likewise, having a burly field in Magic with low health does not preclude the opponent from damaging you and winning the game. This game with Bond still needs tradeoffs to make it skill based. And playtesting.


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    Sean Connery
    Pilot Card (Bond)
    Strength: 2 / Health: 6
    Ability: Can evade a lethal attack once per game.

    George Lazenby
    Pilot Card (Bond)
    Strength: 2 / Health: 7
    Ability: Counter-attacks deal 1 more damage.

    Roger Moore
    Pilot Card (Bond)
    Strength: 2 / Health: 5
    Ability: Can use 2nd Boost card per turn.

    Timothy Dalton
    Pilot Card (Bond)
    Strength: 2 / Health: 5
    Ability: A fatal attack cannot be blocked.

    Pierce Brosnan
    Pilot Card (Bond)
    Strength: 2 / Health: 5
    Ability: Draw an additional card every other turn.

    Daniel Craig
    Pilot Card (Bond)
    Strength: 3 / Health: 5
    Ability: Suffers 1 more damage from sneak attacks.

    Debatably the 6 villains could be: Red Grant, Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Savalas), Franciso Scaramanga, Alec Trevelyan, Franz Sanchez, Raoul Silva. I chose those villains, because Dominic Greene and Goldfinger don't have much physical fighting capability I presume.
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    I'm not sure if many people know this but they did make a 007 card game in the 90's after Goldeneye came out. I bought up as much as i could and have them in a safe spot, also the cards have something similar to what you're describing to.
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    Love what you’re doing; keep working on it!
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    If you haven’t already, give Mage Wars a try; sounds similar to what you’re planning to do. Characters represented by cards, moving around a physical board, etc.
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