Why do you think the Bond movies never get nominated for Oscars?

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I know songs have been nominated (and won) but it's not the same. If the oscars are letting in super hero movies like Deadpool, do you think there's a chance a Bond film could win the trophy in the future?


  • thedovethedove hiding in the Greek underworld
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    Interesting question. It's like comedies never getting the big acting awards. I am assuming you meant acting awards and not other categories. There is a snobbery in Hollywood that only the high end drams get nominated. Movies like Bond movies are meant to entertain and I think the elite feel they pander to the lowest common denominator. I would love to see actors like Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin get nominated just don't feel it's going to happen.
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    I think that Craig came close in 2006. There was a lot of Oscar actor buzz about him like the series had never seen (EW, for one). But ultimately, the Oscar voters want "serious" films, not popular fare, no matter how good.
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    Well, technically they do. Best Song has come up a few times and Skyfall won two and was nominated for a further three. It was robbed of the Cinematography award, in my opinion. Deakins' work was magnificent. If Ledger can win for The Joker, surely some day a Bond actor can get a nod, too. I was hoping Mendes would have gotten one for Skyfall.
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    There is an element of snobbery on the Academy's part. But, there is also the fact that Bond by its very nature and the fact that it had such an established formula that it stuck to for so long means that it would never ever really be considered for any of the Writing, Directing or Best Picture categories. That is something that will never change.

    That leaves us with the technical categories, which I am afraid to say these days is only very rarely above and beyond something we see from other franchises. The only time Bond films really ever stood a chance at cleaning house awards-wise was during the era of the GF-YOLT, where the series was at its most innovative peak and at its most influential. It still baffles me that it didn't.

    There are exceptions to every rule of course. Deakins work on SF definitely should have taken the gong home, Arnold should have been nom'd for his CR score and Craig should have been recognised for his performance.

    That being said, even as a fan, you would have to admit that the interests/intentions of Bond and the Oscars simply do not align; and the majority of the time, there are many films with performances, technical levels and other elements that are just as good and often better than Bond.
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