Please forgive me if there's a thread and I missed it, but--- GoldenEye Reloaded for PS3?

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I saw it out in stores this past weekend- surprised at the $60 pricetag-- I was under the impression that it was just a port of the Wii version. Is that not the case? Did anyone here buy it? How is it?? It took all my grown-up common sense not to buy it when I saw it, lol, but I thought I should at least look into it first


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    I'm assuming it's a HD port of the Wii version, with a few extra bells and whistles like the MI6 mode. I rented it from redbox this weekend and it was FANTASTIC! Obviously, it's based on the movie and the game, but after the dam level, the story and levels change from the N64 version considerably, like a level at Zukovsky's club. I only played to the third level in the short time I had it, but I highly recommend it. The graphics are stunning and it was a lot of fun.
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    It is a port of the Wii version for the most part. Only they made it more like Call of Duty than ever far as online multiplayer. Wii version had more of a fast paced arcade shoot'm up fun factor than Reloaded. If you like the slower more tactical pace of the COD franchise you prolly will like this one. This onw really feels like a COD knock off. In my opinion Wii version game play was better, smoother, and all around more fun. It's not a bad game but could have been a lot better since the Wii version they were reloadeding had such a good foundation. To me the Title should have been Goldeneye: Demoted

    Story Mode is really solid though, just like the Wii version was but with beautiful graphics.
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    None of that makes me want to pay $60, when I can buy the Wii version for $20 on Amazon (less if used).
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