Help with the English in my James Bond text, please?

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It's Luis. In 2015, when I was 16 years old, I published my first book about James Bond in Spanish called James Bond: detrás del smoking and now, with 18, I just finished with the translation of the book and I included some new information about the last film.ás-smoking-Spanish/dp/1517052556

As I am an Spanish speaker I'm looking for somebody who would be available to correct the mistakes. The full book are 350 pages but if you are available just for 50 or 100 pages would be also amazing. This is an unpaid "work".

Thanks in advance!!!


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    Hi, @LuisAP, I'm quite impressed that you have published a book at the age of 16!
    Either way, few people will check out your thread with a title like this. Allow me to make some alterations in order to reach a broader audience. ;-)
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    ¡Hola! Luis

    Are you looking for someone that can proof-read the translation, meaning reading the Spanish text and then the English text and see if there are translation issues.

    Or is it merely reading the English text and correct possible spelling and grammar and sentence construction errors?

    By the way, your first book James Bond: detrás del smoking has a beautiful cover!
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    I presume he means the latter, @BondJasonBond006. I'd volunteer but I'm afraid I can at best take out a few errors; I can't doctor a text and make the prose better.
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