Sherlock Holmes and James Bond

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Discuss anything James Bond and Sherlock Holmes related.


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    Great, @BondJasonBond006!

    Everything Holmesian is welcome. We have this thread to reread the canon: and another one for the BBC series, but I understand this thread would be for linking Bond and Holmes, so this old relic is in order here...

    51iHWUZzzRL.jpg ;)
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    The League of Exreaordinary Gentlemen work for the MI5, where their contact is Campion Bond, an ancestor of james Bond.

    The first M is

    The second M is
    Mycroft Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes also appears.
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    The Seven per cent Solution captured my imagination when I watched it years ago, written by the great Nicholas Meyer based on his own novel. Sherlock Holmes meets Freud I recommend the film if you have not seen it.


    My favouraite Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel is The Sign of Four a book I studied for my English Literature Minor, my favouraite filmed version is Jeremy Brett and John Thaw which I have watched numerous times over the years. Of course Doyle never intended Holmes to he what Holmes became, Doyle killed off Holmes early on as he had finished with the character it was fan pressure that brought Holmes back.
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