The I'm going offline/I'm back online thread

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There are times when we are mid conversation and we disappear,quite annoying to the other members in mid discussion,so as this website has no member trackers as to who is on or offline it's only politeness to leave a message to the person you are talking to that you are going or coming back .
Especially as some members,including me,remain signed in,so it looks like we are still online.
This is that thread....a simple help in communication between members .


  • bondjamesbondjames You were expecting someone else?
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    @barryt007, I think it does have a tracker. It's on the left of each page. If you scroll down it will show you who is online.
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    Yes, the tracker @bondjames is speaking of alerts you to who is online with a specific time listed next to their names to tell you when they last made some action on the forum pages.
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    And with that all cleared up...
    Sorry @barryt007 I like the idea, as it can be confusing when someone just disappears from an active thread. However as pointed out. There is a who's online area already.
    You also have to hope that everyone uses such a thread to tell everyone they're coming or going.
    Hate to do it to you buddy, but...
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