Mission Impossible meets The Protectors meets Joe 90 meets The Champions meets ...

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After stalling with the follow up to my last Bond script, my mind turned to other ideas. With the rise of streaming, there is now a new genre in terms of very well funded series that are produced to near cimema quality.

Catching an original episode of Mission Impossible reminded me of how much I miss these weekly "caper/team/ensemble" series so it got me thinking for a new idea for an action/team/science fiction series.

so bear with me....what if the US gov was running two secret research projects. One was micro solid state computer memory of massive capacity and the other was the ability for the human bran to integrate with digital devices? (Musk recently announced big investment in this research)

Combining these projects brings the ability to have all of the collective knowledge stored on the internet compressed onto one memory chip that is implanted into an agents brain. So each team member gains the ultimate sum of all human knowledge with instant recall.

A team with this talent would provide the basis of the series with each week, a challenge/mission for them to overcome.

As with all good science fiction, in addition to the action, there would be interesting back stories/questions re the balance between knowledge and intelligence, the role of experience compared to knowledge, does such knowledge mean you look down on all with lesser knowledge?, how do humans cope with such knowledge and where is the line between knowledge/facts and conjecture.

As with all of the classic series, there would be a team, each would still bring their own skill set to each assigment and each would would have their own back story of how they came to be recruited into the team.

So: junk or something that could work? comments?


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    Sounds like the baby of M:I, /scorpion, and Limitless. I like it!
  • Agent_99Agent_99 enjoys a spirited ride as much as the next girl
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    You had me at 'Joe 90'.
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