The UK Banking and Finance Discussion Thread

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This thread is intended for all discussion concerning banking and finance news relating solely to the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

So first things first: what do we think of the new plastic Bank of England £5 note featuring Sir Winston Churchill on the back?


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    Well apparantly it cant be torn or abused etc so it makes sense to have long as they keep honouring our British heroes on the back of i'm a happy bunny .

    Saying that,i've always missed the £1 note since it a kid ,to have £10 in £1 notes made you feel like a king !!

    Happy days.
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    I wasn't sure about the new £5 note but I have to say I like it! I am hoping that the £10 and £20 pound notes go the same way?
    Having said that? It would not surprise if physical money disappeared altogether? So we pay for things by Debit/Credit cards?!!!
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    Contactless payment is the future either by card or phone.
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    Or by biometric chip implant, which will be the next step after that. Some banks already do optical scan or palm scan prior to authorizing payments.
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    All the central banks want a cashless society, but it s a horrible idea. They are testing it out somewhat in India now.
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    We will all turn into the BORG when we do our shopping!! :))
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    I thought that I would revive this thread after a long hiatus and try to get it running again. It didn't really take off the first time around!

    I have a bit of a rant to fill you all in with. I suppose it's really my fault anyway but it is very annoying nonetheless. Basically, I got a bank statement in and found that both NOW TV and Audible were each taking £7.99 a month out of my account (via my bank card details). I'm not sure how many months it had been going on but I went into my bank to see if they could do anything to help me. As they weren't taking the money through Direct Debits they couldn't do anything for me apart from changing my card.

    I decided to go online and luckily enough I was able to cancel each order at their respective websites. They tried every trick in the book via prompts to make you stay, but I managed to ignore all of that and get them both cancelled. I had noticed my wages frittering away on something but it was the first time in a while I'd checked my bank account carefully.

    Between the two of them, they were taking almost £16 a month from my account and I was getting nothing in return. I know it's not a huge amount of money but it all adds up month in and month out. I had got the NOW TV box for my TV but found that it was incompatible with my TV so I returned it to Tescos where I had purchased it. I must have registered the box online and put in my bank card details. I hadn't realised they would bill me £7.99 every month from then on, even after I'd returned the box again. The key thing was that they had my card details and so they could keep billing me for a service I wasn't getting!

    Similarly, I must've signed up for a month free with Audible (presumably for a Bond novel) and then had forgotten to cancel it and they billed every month too. Of course, I hadn't been using it either.

    So, the lesson is, always check your bank statements or online banking carefully. I know I certainly will after this bad experience! Don't just assume that everything is running smoothly as I did.

    Perhaps (to get this thread out of the red and into the black) we could share some of our banking mishaps here and commiserate with each other.
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    The only thing I have a direct draw for, is my dental insurance fee every third month, as it was the only way to get it.
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    The only thing I have a direct draw for, is my dental insurance fee every third month, as it was the only way to get it.

    My only two Direct Debits are for my Internet/phone and my smartphone. It's easier that way and you don't have to worry about forgetting about them or whatever. They do make quite a hole in my money of course, but there it is. One can't live without these things.
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