Thoughts for Bond 25 plot

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TOO LONG, DIDN'T READ? Look at the snippets in BOLD to get the main, basic plot points.
Bond 25: Blofeld escapes from custody, by the aid of SPECTRE operatives and commandoes working within the British government; left over from C's days. SPECTRE's chief plot in the film would be to conduct a mass shooting/bombing at a prominent international university, whose science/medical department is about to release a breakthrough cancer development.

-Meanwhile, Bond and Madeleine are falling in love with each other. They continue to be watched by SPECTRE. Bond proposes to Madeleine; 007 gets sent on assignment to track Blofeld and find clues on the planned attack. Later on, Bond and MI6 think the assignment is finished, having been strung along by red herrings. Bond returns home; him and Madeleine get married. After the wedding ceremony, driving to their honeymoon, Bond's car is tailed by a vehicle with armed gunmen. Blofeld in the front passenger seat of the car. This leads to a wild chase through the streets of London, civilians and businesses caught in the carnage. Bond's car loses control after being knocked off the road by a hand grenade. Bond finds himself on near Parliament, where the cancer development is going to be released. He radios in assistance/backup, tells Madeleine to stay in the car, draws his PPK, and goes in.

-A series of explosions rocks Parliament, killing many innocent people, including the scientist responsible for the cure - SPECTRE's plot has succeeded. The building is engulfed with flames. "Cuukoo," Bond hears down the hall. A shadowy figure emerges in the distance, next to another figure, draped in white. Blofeld has Madeleine at gunpoint. "Hate Wins," Blofeld mutters, firing three shots into Madeleine's back. Furious, Bond chases Blofeld through the complex. Bond opens fire on a gas tank, blowing Blofeld away, snapping his neck, throwing him against a stone wall, leaving him conscious, but unable to move.

-Cackling maniacally, Blofeld tries to catch his breath, and says with a wicked grin "Hate. Wins." continuing to laugh. Bond raises his PPK, in the same situation he was in the past film. "Not today," Bond says, firing a single round into Blofeld's forehead, slaying the beast. Bond runs over to Madeleine, still warm to the touch. MI6 commandoes swarm the building and find Bond. M, coming from the wedding, in disbelief, "Bond, are you alright?", a look of worry on his face. Bond cradles Madeleine's lifeless body - "it's quite alright... don't you see? We have all the time in the world." he replies, crying softly, holding her left hand in his.
Bond 26: (Wrapping it up)
-Bond's new assignment begins; about a quarter way through the movie, Bond is captured and sedated. Upon waking up, Bond is seated in a sofa. His vision begins to clear up. A man is sitting in front of him, in a large arm chair, smoking a cigarette. Bond finally comes to. It's... Blofeld? "Good morning, 007," he says with a smirk. "I... killed you," Bond says.

-"I'm afraid you killed my less better half, James. You killed a double. What did you expect? I'd be roaming around the streets of London waiting for you to catch up to me?"

Movie goes about itself - Bond taking care of Blofeld



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