Will Craig return? Spotted out with Barbara Broccoli in London

In the wake of the Production Timeline thread – there is a story developing quietly that Craig and Broccoli were at the Theatre Royal together to watch Barbara’s new production. They were seen my some eyewitnesses.


More fuel to fire.


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    Shouldn't this go in the Bond 25 production thread?
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    Unless Dan got a haircut in the past day, that is not a recent picture. Also, this could've just gone in the production thread.
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    I was about to say he looks very different and he looks fantastic compared to a few days ago. In any case, that is how he should have his hair if he returns.
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    Barbara, just keep holding on to him. Do not let this one go. Not yet anyway.

    But I agree, he looks more clean and less tanned (sunburnt) than in his most recent appearance.
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    Tanaka123 has added this to the Production thread. So we don't need a thread asking about Dan's likely return. There is a Daniel Craig Appreciation thread as well.
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