A post-credit none-Bond five minutes of sinister goings-on, please!

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I was listening to the For Your Eyes Only soundtrack just, whilst washing up. I was thinking how powerful that opening was, with the Havelock's boat being gunned, and that close-up of her eyes. Great film-making. I remember watching it for the first time, and how, after that scene, I was left wondering why that happened, what the consequences would be, and what Bond's part in it would be. I was so in the movie.
And it occurred to me, that the best Bond plots, kind of showed you a none-Bond scene at the start. Who can forget the hijacking of the space shuttle in YOLT? (and the music), or when the door opens and Derval faces his double in Thunderball. You could make a list - The killing at Strangeways, the scenes in Klebb's office. Scenes where evil, sinister things are going on, and Bond has yet to enter the plot properly.
The last few films have all been seen pretty much from Bond's angle, all the time. You don't get this feeling of bond joining in a plot which is ongoing. I think if I were to script a Bond movie, after the credits I'd make sure there was at least five minutes of villainous goings-on that didn't include Bond. Set the stall out first, so to speak.
One thing about the Moore-era global domination plotlines, at least you can remember what the villains were after. It's all very well someone saying they're the 'author of all your pain', but we've got to see a bit of evilness first. I know there are classic Bond movies that don't do this, but I think it's something I'd like to see more of in the future.
A post-credit none-Bond five minutes of sinister goings-on, please!
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