Eurospy films



  • @Escalus5 Claude Chabrol, the director (Code Name: Tiger) has a sense of the sublime, which would I suspect be lost in a dubbing into English of the film. Oddly both Goldfinger and Code Name: Tiger, make use of the automobile crusher, but Le Tigre aime la chair fraiche, uses it as a part of the storyline and not just a scene gimick as in Goldfinger. Either way it works to the purpose of pricking the audience’s imagination. Apparently Hitchcock was an influence in Chabrol’s early work, and it shows in the Le Tigre series. Hopefully they use subtitles in the English version, it would be tragic to lose the subtilty of French. Idioms from one language to another rarely translate well. Christa Lang who plays the gangster’s tart is a sweetheart, with just one line which she repeats throughout the film, and of course Daniela Bianchi, a “Bond Girl” favorite, forever and a day. Who needs a script with her in a scene. Lea Seydoux eat your heart out, no contest.
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