Dalton vs Brosnan vs Craig....The Debate.

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This thread will take the pressure from other threads that are creaking and moving away from their original ideas due to these 3 Bonds being discussed.

This wont be a nice thread but it will be an opinionated one..

Basically IMO Craig destroys Brosnan who destroys Dalton.

Dalton gets away with too much leeway on here and Brosnan is unfairly treated,thats how i feel....join in and give GENUINE reasons to support your Bond...discuss/debate ...


  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    Brosnan beats both for me.

    Craig can be a bit too emotionless and cold sometimes while Dalton can be over emotional and constantly angry for no reason. Brosnan is a very relaxed Bond. He's cold when he needs to be and he's emotional when he needs to be. He never becomes either extreme. He's just right.
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    ahem...Dalton vs Craig again with Brosnan thrown in?

    You can throw in all of them including Barry Nelson, David Niven and Woody Allen...

    The outcome will stay the same....

    Timothy DALTON RULEZ™
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    Thats a fair point actually,he is between the two...but i would discount Dalton and say he is a part Craig/part Moore....Dalton just doesnt fit in (and yes,i have read Fleming etc).....
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    I hate to say it ,but even when Dalton moved ,he seemed to have a stick up his arse...too rigid,trying too hard to be Bond,not comfortable...watch him move compared to Craig or Brosnan.
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    TIMOTHY DALTON is the definite Fleming Bond. In every way possible, adapted for the cinematic experience. The others come not even close in that regard.

    Of course I like all 6, otherwise my Top 6 Bond films wouldn't been made of 6 different actors.
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    Why though Jason ? he is so wooden !!
    Bond had a personality ,even in the novels of Fleming or Gardner...do you feel Dalton's Bond had a better personality than Craig or Brosnan Bonds ?
  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    I've read a couple Fleming novels and nothing I've read remotely resembles Dalton or his portrayal. Who I picture is a cross between Connery and Craig.
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    Thats how i see it......that is why this a debate on the last 3 Bonds who are so different in their approach..
  • Mendes4LyfeMendes4Lyfe The long road ahead
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    Dalton beats Brosnan, Brosnan beats Craig.

    I think Craig plays a great character in a movie, (most of the time) just not Bond. He very rarely acts or behaves in a way which I expect the character to do, based on the books by Fleming. I don't like how he became a bit of a grunt, how approaches every situation like a wrecking ball. He was also very disloyal and insubordinate, even when he had no reason to be.

    Dalton is the quintessential Fleming Bond, I don't think that would ever come into question. He is a truly dark character, and responds to problems with anger and tenacity rather than with sadness. Like the early Connery Bond, I enjoy just watching the Dalton Bond do his job, and he spends a lot of time focused on problem solving. He's a thinking Bond.

    Brosnan is underrated. He's the metropolitan Bond which bothers some people I guess, but I just love how he mixed the suaveness with just a hint of the realism. Another thing I've become impressed about Brosnan is simply his movement on screen. For instance, when he is running around the Cradle at the end of GE, he moves very deliberately and efficiently. He sells the fact that he is trained to handle these situation really well.
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    I dont agree with you re Dalton/Craig but i must say you have Brosnan spot on ...he has his moments,ala Davidov in TWINE,just 'bang bang' and on with the mission.
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    Visually, I pictured the Bond of the books as a cross between the George Almond illustration (which to me looks a bit like Moore), the Fleming commissioned illustration, and maybe a bit of McKlusky's Bond.
    I like Tim, Pierce and Daniel equally, but for different reasons. I do feel Tim seriously attempted to bring Fleming's Bond to the screen. Quite a bit of it worked, though 1980's fashions, prevent me from completely envisioning Dalton when I read the books. For example, Fleming's Bond certainly did not have either Dalton's, or Pierce's haircut.
    Daniel has it both ways. He certainly is 2000's and 2010's contemporary, yet has a classic look that doesn't seem to cater to a specific decade. I could picture him in Fleming's world, when wearing the better fitting suits as in CR. He obviously looks like hits the gym more than the literary Bond did.
    Pierce, I can envision waking up and immediately hitting the floor with the twenty push-ups, leg lifts, and cold shower, as Fleming's Bond does, but I just don't see him consuming too many scrambled eggs. Brosnan's Bond probably eats fruit, yogurt, or high fiber cereal for breakfast. I don't see him consuming much of the foods described by Fleming.
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    Brosnan has the look to me compared to the other two...but Craig is an assassin ,a cold killer...
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    It's absolutely churlish that Brosnan got wrangled into this thread. We already have a Dalton v Craig thread. No need for this one.
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    TR007 wrote: »
    It's absolutely churlish that Brosnan got wrangled into this thread. We already have a Dalton v Craig thread. No need for this one.

    True....you have been here for so long,i admire and respect your views...you are the man...your posts and contribution is amazing...close this thread please.

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    I have renamed the other thread (otherwise there will be every combination of Bond vs Bond), so continue this in the Bond vs Bond thread.

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    Doesnt matter now old pal,this is being locked...amazing what i did for this site and it still treats me like shit.
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