The changing faces of taste.

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I did a cursory search and couldn't find anything so here's hoping I'm not duplicating any threads........

I've been watching bond films for almost five decades (my introduction to the celluloid Bond was LALD when it was first released) and throughout that time my opinions have changed on the films. What I used to like I no don't and vice versa. For example I used to love TSWLM and MR but now find both cringeworthy and I used to hate OHMSS but it is now my favourite Bond movie. Tastes change with advancing age I suppose.

I wonder which Bond films you used to like but now don't or hated but now love?


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    TMWTGG & AVTAK are films I used to like a lot more than I do now.TMWTGG is too lightweight and AVTAK hasn't dated well.

    Lately,i have a lot of appreciation for OHMSS (my #1 Bond film at the moment) and TB...both have really grown on me with age.

    A more modern film that has shot right up my list,that I didn't like originally,is QOS...which has shot up from about #16 to #4 !!!
  • Oddly enough, perhaps, my tastes have changed very little, although I didn't become a serious Bond fanatic until 2004. That said, a few films are more volatile than others. For the longest time I couldn't get a good handle on QOS and it jumped around quite a bit. Now it seems to have settled lower mid-pack for me. YOLT has steadily declined in my estimation, to the point I now rate it above only DAD and TWINE. LALD, contrariwise, has risen in my esteem and now flirts with top ten-status. FYEO has dropped some, but still owns a respectable position. That's the lot.
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