Your review of Goldeneye 007: Reloaded

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Now that the game has finally been released to us, what do you think of it? If you have the time, give us details.


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    I'll give a full review after I've beaten the campaign but so far I really like what I am playing. Yes it is like COD but it does feel like Bond. Nice job Eurocom!
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    I guess I'll give the first reveiw...

    I have to say that I'm loving this game. I like it more than I like Battlefield 3, and most likely more than CoD MW 3! This game has a great mixture of action and stealth. Most of the time you get to choose which you want to do, other times you have to shoot your way out. You can run into a room, guns blazing, or sneak around and take out your enemies quietly (keep in mind that the stealth isn't anywhere near as good as "Splinter Cell").


    The story is still the same as the movie but it delivers it differently (it is a remake afterall). The enemy A.I. isn't as good as I was hoping it would be. At times I would hide behind some cover, while getting shot at, and one or two guys would run up on me like they were suicidal.
    Their were times that this game made me want to throw my controller through the TV. At times it's a trial and error and other times it doesn't give you good enough cover while you're getting shot at by twenty bad guys.
    Dispite these two flaws, I loved the six or so hours of story.

    MI6 Ops:

    This is something that Goldeneye steals from CoD MW 2's Special Ops. You have three different types of games to play: Execution, Defense, and Stealth. To start off you get one level for each game mode and unlock more when you earn high enough scores for each mode.
    In Execution you just have to kill waves of enemies without dieing, in Defense you have to protect three computers from waves of enemies, and in Stealth you just have to take out enemies on a map without setting off an alarm.


    In my opinion, it has only one flaw... it has a slight lag to it, nothing that ruins the gameplay but you can notice it alittle; hoping they come out with a patch to fix it soon. Other than that, I like it so much more than Battlefield 3 and the CoD series. It's nothing like the old Goldeneye; the only thing it has in common is the four player split-screen.
    It, once again, steals from CoD in terms of leveling up and unlocking. You only get three or four different weapons to start off with, but once you reach level 8 you can customize your load outs.

    All in all I found my new favorite FPS. This game has gotten mixed reviews but I think that's only becaues it wasn't what most were expecting. I assume they thought that they were getting their old Goldeneye game back, but with better graphics. This isn't the case. Goldeneye Reloaded is a complete remake in campain and multiplayer.

    Replay Value: High

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    Hey, @QsAssistant, can you tell me, if you get the chance, what each of the playable villains have for their special weapon/attack? I was really interested to see a few screenshots which showed me the special abilities for a few of them.
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    Just played it through and I can say it's one of the best. Really felt like I was reliving the movie. But with a bit changed story, characters and settings. Still, pretty good interpretation of a 90's Bond movie. This game probably gave more chances to play it stealthy than any other Bond game before this. I almost played it through in one sitting, because I was so hooked on the game and the re-imagined plot. It's short. But not necessary shorter than most of the modern day first-person shooters. Some of the levels were actually quite long. Depending of your playstyle of course. Still fun and addicting 007 shooter.
    My only complain would be that it had long loading times. About a minute. This annoyed me later in the game when I would die in a quick-time event, fail to protect Natalya and the consoles or when I died in the bridge while trying to reach the satellite. Or when I tried some parts again and again just to pass some portions of the game 100 percent sneaky.

    Anyway, I will give this one a 006 out of 007.
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    Now that I have played through the entire campaign, and have played enough of the multiplayer to get a grasp on what it has to offer, I feel like I can write a fair, and simple review of Goldeneye: Reloaded…

    All in all, I was very impressed with overhaul this game got.. I never played the Wii version, but have seen the videos for it online, and all I can say is wow – the engine Eurocom developed for this game is spectacular – and it easily puts to shame what Bizarre had with BLOOD STONE – with both character models, scenery, and texturing.. this is the best treatment I have seen Bond get from a visual standpoint between the 3 next gen games…

    Campaign wise – I thought it could’ve been a little longer, but as someone else said – short campaigns seem to be pretty status quo nowadays – which is fine.. but when I get immersed into a game, I want it to go on forever, not end prematurely.. if that makes sense… I felt like it had the perfect balance of doing missions either in stealth, or all out guns blazing – I opted the more stealth routes, unless my dumb a** would accidentally alert a guard – then it was on lol… but other than the firefights, I felt like this game did a great job of putting you in the shoes of James Bond – my favorite part was probably the Nightclub scene.. the music, atmosphere – the little quip about the fake champagne label made me laugh… I wasn’t sure how they were going to incorporate Xenia into the mix, but I was caught off guard when she eventually does show herself…

    I don’t want to get sidetracked with too much talk about the storyline though.. it was a fine modern reimagining of the Goldeneye plot.. though I am curious if the ending borrowed a bit from The Man With The Golden Gun – with the giant solar antenna.. just my guess though… but overall, I thought the voice acting was pretty good, not the best at times, but still serviceable…

    My one complaint about the game overall, is the server issues with the online multiplayer… it plays a lot like a COD beta, or even like the QOS multiplayer (if I remember correctly) – but I think they made some decent improvements.. just wish you could use the classic villains in every game mode, and not just classic conflict – that’s depressing..

    Overall – I give this game a solid 8.5/10
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    First professional review that I've found - generally, the graphics are an improvement over the Wii version (but not quite what they could be), but the AI has been seriously dumbed down.
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    Ok now that I've finished the campaign and played a good amount of multiplayer, I'm ready to share my thoughts

    Single Player- I'll get one thing out of the way first. Daniel Craig as Bond in Goldeneye does not bother me. I understand why Eurocom did it, and it works. Ok, now on to the game itself. I enjoyed the game. Yea it plays a lot like COD but it just has that different "Bond" feel to it that made it very enjoyable. After reading reviews on how the campaign was too short (IGN said around 5-6 hours), and reviews on how the campaign was nice and long (Gamespot said 10 hours), it is somewhere in the middle. But I can't wait to replay it to find the emblams, do the other objectives, and try out 007 Classic mode. The gameplay is nice and fast but gets a little repetitive at times. I love the large amount of weapons. Overall, a nice campaign that pays respect to Bond. 8/10

    MI6 Ops- Many people loved Spec Ops in Modern Warfare 2....i didn't care much for them. That may be why I don't care much for MI6 Ops in Goldeneye Reloaded. They're not bad....just nothing special. The customization is nice and I know many players will love them. But just not for me. 7/10

    Multiplayer- I love multiplayer on this game WHEN IT WORKS! The fact that this game is STILL having connection issues this bad a week after launch is inexcusable and it's the only part of the game that feels rushed to me. Now when it works, it works really well. Very CODish but a little less intense, which is a good thing. Has a good amount of weapons, I love the attention to detail on the classic characters, and the game modes are fun and diverse. Split screen also works really well and brings back some great memories. 9/10

    Overall- I enjoy this game a lot. I can tell it will be in my game system for some time to come. But even after everything, that "magic" touch just feels missing. It's not the graphics (great in some levels, terrible in others), or the gameplay....but just...something. I hope this sells well enough for Activision to give the Bond games the attention they deserve. Eurocom did a great job and if you excuse me, I have golden guns to shoot.

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    But even after everything, that "magic" touch just feels missing. It's not the graphics (great in some levels, terrible in others), or the gameplay....but just...something.
    I just think that comes from the game being similar to the original game, but not the same thing...

    i felt this same way when you start off with the Dam mission - the fact that it's almost a 100% mirror copy of the original - at least at the start.. then from that point on, it goes in it's own direction, with similar stuff from the original N64 game, but not the same...

    but I'm glad they made it different.... because in reality, if i wanted to play the original, i'd just dig out my 64 and plug it in - I like the new approach they took... similar, but different.... and the graphics were beautiful in about 95% of this game, especially in the beginning levels...

    what was your favorite level?... for me - I loved the NIGHTCLUB mission.. it's what felt the most Bond-like to me.... plus, I kind of liked the muted gunfire with the club music playing overhead.. gave you a real sense of being in the moment as Bond... at least to me lol.

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    Hello, new here as in I just signed up. My work restircts most sites but I got by on this one lol.

    Here are my thoughts....I purchased Goldeneye last november for the Wii when it came out and have been playing it religously until the day RELOADED was released. If anyone here played the Wii version you know that it had a few issues that needed addressed but overall it was an amazing game and experience. The main issues were the hosting system, lag, hackers, Friend list limited to 100, Partying system could have been better, no in game chat, some maps needing tweaked, and over use of the Grenade launcher attachment, proximity mines, and Masterton. So when I got word they were coming out with GE: Reloaded 6 or 7 months ago I couldn't wait to go reserve a copy, may have been the first person in the world to do so lol.

    First let me give my opinion on the Wii version in which this was supposed to be Reloaded from. The Wii version was fast paced and had that arcade run and gun feel to it. I also really liked the leveling system it offered, yes it took awhile but it also made the game last longer in terms of actually playing it. I know I got my money worth. On average it took around 9-12 days to fully level up. Also for the most part all the guns on the Wii version could be used with great success if you knew how to use them and had decent to great skill level. Overall the fun factor of Goldeneye Wii was amazing, had you wanting more and looking forward to the next chance you got to play.

    Now reloaded hits the scene about a week ago. I had HUGE expectation for this one. So much so I went out and bought a XBOX 2 months ago and had my Reloaded game reserved months ago. The foundation of a great game had already been accomplished on the Wii version just a year sooner, a few little fixes and a dash of HD graphics I thought this was a can't miss. Well in my opinion they took all that was great on the Wii version and scrapped it. They instead went with a watered down knock off of Call of Duty. The fast paced was taken completely out of the game, insert slow paced COD style. Shotguns were made to be way overpowered, insert Quantum of Solace crap. ADS snap was taken out as an option in Multiplayer. I understand most FPS don't offer ADS snap but part of why I loved this game on the Wii was because it did. It comes in really handy when trying to take out a sniper 20 yards or more. Some may say ADS snap is for the unskilled gamer. Which if that player can do nothing but snap that is true. But a skilled gamer knows when to use snap or when to hip fire. I prolly hipfired 70% of the time on the Wii version and snapped onto players who were further away.

    The biggest disapointment more so than anything else is that they did nothing to fix the Host Quit issue that plagued everyone on Goldeneye Wii. Lag is still very relevant and a complete road block at times. I mean seriously how did they not address both these issues since they were the biggest ones to fix? Absolutely mind boggling...and a dang shame. Also what is the deal with not being able to get into a lobby. Goldeneye Wii never had an issue with finding a game. I could jump online click a mode and be shooting people in less than a minute. Often times it takes 10-15 minutes and 30 tries to finally get past the "Network Error Message" on Reloaded just to get into a game. And to top that off the Host can just up and quit on you right after you went through all that mess....sigh!!

    Further more the leveling system has been a complete overhaul into Call of Duty clone with pretiging and what not. So basically you get to level 50, unlock everything, and then lose it all the very moment you decide to prestige. What the heck, and this repeats itself until you fully level up to 50 for the 5th time. Personally I'd rather go through the crap guns once, and one time only and be done with it. Don't give me a taste of greatness and yank it out my hands 5 times.

    Personally I think this game has a lot of potential and only future patches can start to fix what they messed up so badly. The graphics look really nice and the maps are well put together, old maps have been extended aswell to make them even better. Night club is just stellar with all the nice neon HD it. There is no question the game looks amazing, totally captured the Bond nostalgia and revamp it to compete in todays world. Although they went overboard with the whole Call of Duty cloning. To me the path to success would have been sticking more to the foundation that was constructed on Goldeneye Wii and building off that instead of scrapping it and doing what they did. Add in the awesome look with the HD graphics and maps, fix the host quit issue, have minimal to no lag, maybe tweak a few modes slightly and poof this woulda been AWESOME!!! right now it is just OK at best.

    Fingers crossed right now for some good patches and hopefully things will get better. See ya online my gamertag is YELARAKA, clan tag being [RS]

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    I have yet to play story mode single player but it is exactly the same as the Wii version with better graphics so it is more than likely amazingly good.

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    I'm not going to write a review per se, but rather a list of thoughts.

    - First off, I liked it overall
    - I didn't like any of the likenesses. Zukovsky, Zenia, Ouromov, none of them. I know it was a remake, or reimagining, but still. Zukovsky should have been Robbie Coltrane, Zenia Famke Janssen, etc. Natalya Simonova was fine, and I understand the whole Daniel Craig situation. (He has the contract, not Brosnan.)
    - Gameplay was fine. I don't play CoD so I'm not gonna complain about how it is too Call of Duty like like other people do. I don't care, it felt "Bondy" to me and that's all that matters.

    That's about it. To put it into context:

    1.) From Russia with Love (PS2, PSP)
    2.) Everything or Nothing (PS2)
    3.) Bloodstone (PS3)
    4.) The World is not Enough (PS1)
    5.) Tomorrow Never Dies (PS1)
    6.) Quantum of Solace (PS3)
    7.) Goldeneye 007 Reloaded (PS3)
    8.) Quantum of Solace (PS2)
    9.) 007 Racing (PS1)
    10.) Nightfire (PS2)
    11.) Goldeneye 007 (DS)
    12.) Nightfire (PC)
    13.) Nightfire (GBA)
    14.) Goldeneye: Rogue Agent (PS2)
    15.) Goldeneye 007 (N64) (I really haven't played it enough to rank it fairly.)
    16.) Everything or Nothing (GBA)

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    Play GoldenEye on the 64 some more. If you haven't played it enough, you haven't played the best Bond game out there.
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    When I think of Goldeneye 64 I think of a rose-tinted glasses. Year 1997 had so many games that weren't it and I didn't get the hype back then and I don't get the hype now. It hasn't even aged well....
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    Video games don't age well. Each new console generation, we get new graphics and new capabilities during gameplay. Hell, even in the middle of console generations we can get new graphics. I remember at the beginning of the sixth generation, people still couldn't have split fingers, and by the end they all did (except for Kratos).
  • I purchased the game last night (Had GoldenEye and Metal Gear in hand; went with GoldenEye) and maybe it was too late in the evening, but I dunno... it's just not really doing it for me so far... does it get better? Got to level 3 before going to bed. I'm of course going to play some more after work but I'm kind of wishing I went with Metal Gear...
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    Really? I loved the game within the first five minutes! I really got more into it when you get to the night club. It just felt like a Bond movie at that point.

    It's been awhile since I've played it. Have they finally fixed the issues with the online???
  • It's been awhile since I've played it. Have they finally fixed the issues with the online???
    No. It's still slow and its impossible to get into a classic conflict.
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    Well that's a shame. It's one of the reasons I stopped playing it.
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    I actually have found it a little better recently after a patch was released. It's still not perfect but it's getting better
  • When was this patch released? Was it released for PS3? I didn't get any patch as of Saturday.
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    I have my copy for Xbox 360 so maybe no ps3 patch yet?
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    I'll drop a review sometime this weekend. I'm not crazy about the story, it doesn't feel Bond-ish enough, and it changed too much from the original.

    It's still a good game, but it has it's problems. To give you a review preview: 7.5/10
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    I think my big issue is that it was sixty damn dollars, lol

    It's a good game, but I don't feel it was $60 good, you know? For example, I got Arkham City the day it came out without even thinking twice- that's a game with lasting value! I fear that once I beat GoldenEye I'll never play it again. You know what would have really saved this game? CHEATS. I'm talking N64 style cheats. I'd love to beat the game and redo levels with ALL WEAPONS and stuff like that! I could be wrong, but I think those sort of things are limited to multiplayer....
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    Something about it feels incomplete... Its a good game and all, but it just has that feeling that something about it isn't right. It think it's the fact that it isn't Brosnan and they left out many great characters (Where's Boris?) I hated the way they made Zukovsky look, and I hated that there was no chemistry between Bond and Zukovsky like there was in the film.

    Also there was NO VARIETY whatsoever to the gameplay. Every freakin' level was a shooting gallery. No driving levels (airfield doesn't count, neither does the Tank level.) Why didn't they allow us to chase Onatopp's Ferrari with Caroline by my side? \

    I also didn't like how there were no cutscenes. All it was, was that same stupid computer lines and swirly arrows thing recycled from QoS with some narration.

    That being said, I enjoyed playing it, it's a decent enough game even if it has no replay value. (If it wasn't one big shooting gallery, it would have some replay value.)

    EA Bond games, I miss you. EoN and FRWL are the 2 best Bond games ever made.
  • Any LTK villains make The Multiplayer, Franz Sanchez, Milton Krest, Truman-Lodge, Col.Heller, Dario, Proffesor Joe?
  • Nope.
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    Any LTK villains make The Multiplayer, Franz Sanchez, Milton Krest, Truman-Lodge, Col.Heller, Dario, Proffesor Joe?

    That would be a nice change of pace to have some of these villains, but unfortunately, only the classic and memorable villains get the multiplayer award.
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    i think that bond fans should hunt down activision and kill them for sport

    GE Reloaded is not a Bond Game but a COD game the story is weak compared to the film, the bond villian is a douchey greedy man instead of a bad ass sean bean, there are so many invisible barriers and when you are reading your mission objectives you have to try to deciphere the tiny writing to find out what the hell you have to do

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    Proffesor Joe?

    Why would anyone want to play as him? That's like asking to play as Naomi from TSWLM.
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    002 wrote:
    when you are reading your mission objectives you have to try to deciphere the tiny writing to find out what the hell you have to do

    I'm afraid this has become an issue with many hd-games. For me, too many games that have a lot of text are hard to read, because developers assume most people already have flat hd-televisions. I am sorry, but I'm still using my tube, and some games just have text made almost impossible to read. Alpha protocol, Mass Effect 2, this...

    Anyway, I thought the game levels weren't just a bunch'a shootin' galleries. Like I said before, I thought this gave me more possibilities to go sneaky. More than most of the Bond games. I also though there were cutscenes. The cutscenes only had an eye-view perspective.

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