The Simpsons homage James Bond for 600th episode

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Not sure if it's been mentioned on the forum but the recent 600th episode of The Simpsons had a major homage to James Bond. Goldfinger's theme tune was reworked Simpsons' style and the 600 number was switched around to make 006 - Bart's number. He played James Bond. Homer played Blofeld along with a cat that kept scratching him on the face! The hidden base was very You Only Live Twice in vibe. Some other elements thrown in to the mix were based on the recent Bond-inspired spy film Kingsman.

Some more details on the episode:

Clip (if you don't like Goldfinger given the Simpsons treatment, close your ears!)

The makers of The Simpsons are huge Bond fans. To mark 600 episodes of the show with James Bond, kinda cool! b-(


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    I think I liked this episode. In particular though Al "You're Next, Gunsmoke" Jean" gag in the credits was enough to make me nod and think "Yeah, that's right>"
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    It was a fun episode. I suppose if you think The Simpsons is a bit past it then parodying 1960s Bond films is proof of that! Perhaps teenage fans of the show may not have realized it was the Goldfinger theme?

    But it was cool to mark 600 episodes with James Bond. I think their love of Bond is genuine, not done just for parody reasons.
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    You Only Move Twice is the one that sticks out to me the most and one of my favorite Simpsons episodes.
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    Ah yes, this classic moment.
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    I probably love The Simpsons more than Bond.
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