Black Mirror Season 3

New Season 3 for Black Mirror has come to Netflix (finally)

Really enjoyed this anthology series where the "strange" stories are interconnected by technology. The episodes range from Twilight-Zonish ( "White Bear, White Christmas") to just plain bizaare( "National Anthem" "Shut up and Dance") to the tender bitter sweet moments ("I'll Be Right Back" "St Jonupero" )

If you have not watched this superb series then I highly recommend it.


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    'Shut up and dance' is killer. Great suspense and black humour. 'Hated in the Nation' was excellent too. Both of these had strong narrative drives and mystery to them which is often when Black Mirror works best. I liked the overall theme of 'San Jonupero.' Very well shot and acted too. Those were my three favourite. 'Nosedive' will be the one that gets people talking and Bryce Dallas Howard was the best I'd seen her in this.
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    I can say that I enjoyed much of the new Season 3. I agree that the Americanization throw me off as well.
    "Hated in the Nation" was the longest episode at 89 minutes but very good. Great story, good acting and the suspense and the terror of the attack on the 'safe house' was good storytelling.
    "San Jonupero" will be my favorite alongside "Hated in the Nation"
    "Men against Fire" seemed more like something we would see on "the Outer Limits" then it occurred to me that this is what "Black Mirror" basically is an updated version of "The Outer Limits"
    Perhaps it was the Americanization of the series that make me think of " The Outer Limits". I never considered that old American show when I watched the first two seasons last year.
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    A work colleague was talking about this show tonight not seen it at all, though loved the Twilight zone and Outer Limits will check it out on Netflix.
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