James Bond mash ups

gumboltgumbolt Now with in-office photocopier
I remember seeing Daniel Craig in Cowboys & Aliens and would be Bond Henry Cavill in Batman vs Superman. If James Bond was to do a mash up, what might it be with? I know EON would never do this and I'm grateful for that, but it might be an interesting chat. I think that Moonraker might arguably be a genre mash up but you might just say its Bond in space rather Bond meets science fiction. So... how about from the world of horror, Halloween's Michael Myers is hired as a henchman or assassin to give Bond a good fright? And for a genre mix, would a James Bond movie ever work as a fully or partially "discovered footage" movie? Or could the next Indiana Jones movie be set in the 1960s with Bond on the trail of scheming Communists, stealing state secrets and treasures for the Cold War effort?
Just a few thoughts. And yes, I have been drinking!
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