Producer Credits

From Dr No to Live and Let Die (excluding Thunderball), Harry Saltzman appeared before Cubby Broccoli in the "produced by" credits with the exception of TMWTGG. Did Saltzman's financial difficult merit the change? I was under the impression that his difficulties were only discovered after TMWTGG.


  • SeanCraigSeanCraig Germany
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    Well, it was never revealed why he did not sell to Cubby but UA instead, or? Maybe something was going on behind the scenes ...
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    The order of their credits was different for different territories. Can't remember which though.
  • MurdockMurdock The minus world
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    Their partnership was also beginning to crumble so things had to change. Plus Harry's financial troubles didn't help things either.
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    The partnership was already faltering prior to production on LALD. LALD was effectively produced by Cubby and TMWTGG by Harry or the other way round. Also, Cubby wasn't initially that keen on Roger Moore, it was Harry who was enthusiastic to get him to play Bond.
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