A Curious question....Dame Judi,which Bond did she prefer as an actor,and as 007,Brosnan or Craig ?

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She did 8 films as M,4 with Brosnan,4 with Craig, but who did she like or prefer,as an actor,a person,and Bond ?..

Anyone have any pieces of info or,even better, have their own theory ?...over to you ...


  • NickTwentyTwoNickTwentyTwo Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Good question, we'll probably never know as she'd presumably say "they were both great" or "both had unique strengths" etc etc
    In the films, though, it always seemed like Judi's M loved Craig's Bond and hated Brosnan's Bond :P
  • Yeah I remember an interview from around the time of SF where she talked about missing Pierce but also said that Daniel is amazing and she loved working with him.

    Even if she does have a preferrence we won't ever get an answer, but it seems like she got on well with both which is nice. Personally I preferred the Brosnan/Dench dynamic. Their GE scene is the best Bond and M scene of the series and they had a lot of great moments after that. She did with Craig too but I think the mum stuff got a bit much and her globe trotting in QoS pissed me off to no end.
    In the films, though, it always seemed like Judi's M loved Craig's Bond and hated Brosnan's Bond :P

    I wouldn't say she hated him, it was made clear from their first scene that she had a grudging respect for him (come back alive) she was just more professional about their relationship. Less content to let him roam free. Knew he was her best man but had no qualms in pimping him out, sacking him, etc, because getting the job done comes first and Bond knows the risks. I think it's more Flemingesque in that regard actually.

    In the Craig era it was similar but there was the whole mother symbolism where you got the sense that she cared about him more than she let on. And then even when she did put the mission over his life (ordering Moneypenny to take the shot), Craig's Bond was hurt by this. Whereas with Brosnan you get the sense that if it was that Bond and his M in that situation, he would've understood.
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    Her screen time in SP was limited to 10 seconds and a picture of her shown but hey I guess it counts.

    The Dame she is she would probably never pick favourites.
    But of course it is known that Brosnan, Bond and Dench got along very well.

    As for her performances, she was way better with Brosnan except for QOS where she shined.
  • SzonanaSzonana Mexico
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    Like everyone here said, i don't think she will ever tell who is his favorite.

    But i did Prefer her relationship with Pierce which evolved from almost pure hate to real friendship and trust.
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