Folio Society releases new FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE

The Folio society has just announced the release of a beautiful slipcased edition of FRWL.
They did a great job on CR and no doubt this one will be a must for any discerning aficionado's shelf.
Both FRWL & CR are priced at £34.95 and are available from
The illustrations are by Fay Dalton.
I bought CR and was very impressed by it. I've just bought FRWL and will report back when it arrives.


  • 00Agent00Agent Any man who drinks Dom Perignon '52 can't be all bad.
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    Just ordered my copy yesterday.
    CR was very impressive indeed.
  • ChevronChevron Northern Ireland
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    Just seen this news in an email from the folio society this evening. I've gone ahead and ordered this one as I got Casino Royale last year.
  • 0BradyM0Bondfanatic70BradyM0Bondfanatic7 Quantum Floral Arrangements: "We Have Petals Everywhere"
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    Wow, talk about works of art! Folio are just unmatched.





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    Awesome sauce
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    They're really great. A labour of love.
  • Lancaster007Lancaster007 Shrublands Health Clinic, England
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    Just got mine [FRWL]. It's lovely. Have to save up and get the Casino Royale one too!
    Moonraker next, please chaps.
  • Yes, they've done a great job and if you haven't got / can't afford a JC first edition, the leather bound Easton Press or the insanely expensive Queen Ann Press edition, this one is for you. Heck, even if you have got the aforementioned, it's still for you.
    Great job Folio and like Lancaster007, I'd live to see Moonraker next.
  • Lancaster007Lancaster007 Shrublands Health Clinic, England
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    @PussyNoMore - I love in the illustrations that Bond's face is always part hidden by smoke (or steam).
  • @PussyNoMore - I love in the illustrations that Bond's face is always part hidden by smoke (or steam).
    Yes the illustrations are excellent and Folio are just such a great company. I've got all their Eric Ambler editions, their fabulous 'The Day Of The Jackal' and 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'.
    It's just so nice to see a company dedicated to literary excellence continue to survive and hopefully prosper.
    Hopefully they will do 'Moonraker' and then perhaps bizarrely, I'd like to see them print 'The Spy Who Loved Me'.
  • ChevronChevron Northern Ireland
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    Another vote for Moonraker. Failing that OHMSS.
  • Fay Dalton's illustrations for FRWL are just stunning.
    Her visual of Rosa Klebb and Tatiana is absolutely blood curdling and alone is worth the price of the book.
    Every illustration is a true work of art and corresponds completely with Fleming's descriptions.
    She has surpassed the extremely high standard already set by her work for CR.
    Surely works like this are the future for print in this digital age.
    Unfortunately I lack ObradyMOBondfanatic7's IT skills otherwise I'd post all of theme here.
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