Licence to Kill Screening with John Glen



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    @tanaka123 You know the worst thing about that? I'm actually British! My brain gets a bit muddled at times, so please excuse my Americanism!

    Thanks for the compliment you paid me in that thread that's just been removed - I'm honoured.

    Yes, we are on to you now. ;)
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    Ah right...hadn't noticed. Your right then that's not how Bond should say it! He's not from Leeds! ;)

    He did grow up in the north though. Think he lived in Derbyshire and went to school in Manchester

    According to Wikipaedia he's part Welsh, part English, part American.

    I saw this slightly awkward interview a few weeks ago with Dalton putting on a New York-American accent to promote Beautician and the Beast.

    The interview begins around 2.25

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    So many questions you could ask Glen.

    I'd really like to ask him why Dalton's performance (and his accent) differs greatly in both his Bond films.

    Great in TLD. Awful in LTK.
  • @tanaka123 You never updated this. Did you ask any questions. Any interesting responses from Glen?
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    Unfortunately the schedule was only released the day before so I missed his Q and A and screening of Licence to Kill. Did meet him though and got a signed copy of his book. Went to a Q and A with Peter Lamont which was really to promote his new book - his favourite Bond is Pierce Brosnan and his favourite Bond film is The Spy Who Loved Me - although I got the impression his choices were tempered by his working experiences. He was diplomatic about Sean Connery, quite obvious that he didn't just rankle with the producers!
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    Sounds really good Tanaka.
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