Rittenhouse trading cards

I have been collecting on and off since the 40th anniversary set trying to complete this set and the die another day set. I am amazed to find how many sets have passed since and how many have signed auto cards 3 to 4 times. I have just completed the 40th anniversary set with a2 auto. I was looking at starting another but decided just to stick to these two that I have completed. The latest set to be released is spectre set which strangely includes autos from previous films.


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    I picked up some Bond trading cards at a comic con and I'm looking to trade some my duplicate cards. They are from the 2009 James Bond Archives series and the 2011 James Bond Mission Log series both from Rittenhouse. I've completed the base set for the former but not the latter. I'm also interested in getting cards from the other series.
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