James Bond storyline books/movies/short stories

What is the actual story line of James Bomd 007?

I want to read and watch the entire story in order as best as possible. There may be some inconsistencies but let's try to put it together as accurately as possible. The books have an order, including the short stories, but the movies have been adapted from the books and don't always follow the story exactly. There are also some movies that are not adapted from books. There are also the theories that bond is just a code name and therefore there are different stories. That is fine, so let's see where the different bond stories start and end. No fantasies here, just what we can actually decipher from the books and movies regardless of actor or year of release please. So what is the order?

1. Casino Royale:
I think this has to come first as it is he first book and story about James Bond becoming 007. Daniel Craig is the star in the movie although there is a spoof but I don't think that makes much of a connection, does it? Is there anything else? So read then watch casino royale first, right? Lol

2. Quantum of Solace:
The short story comes much later in the order of books, but the movie directly follows the casino royale movie. I don't believe the short story necessarily occurs in the books timeline, unless the General That bond was speaking to occurs somewhere else in books or movies, does anyone know? So I believe after casino you can read quantum short story and watch the movie in continuation.

So where next, is it back to the second book, or do you continue on to sky fall which is not adapted from a book? What do you think, let's go one by one so as not to overwhelm and maybe we can figure out an order all the way through? Thanks!
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