Is Yusef Kabira (and others) a member of Spectre?

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I'm sorry but they really dropped the ball not tying this one up. Who is Yusef Kabira? He is one of Blofeld's liutenantns? I really hope this gets cleaned up in the next installment. Mendes please.

Personally I spilled my popcorn everywhere in the theater when they told me Patrice was Spectre, Damn. And who else has been Spectre all allong? What about Dryden? That would explain so much and make Casino Royale so much more enjoyable in retrospect. Explain so much. That would explain how Max Denbigh got hired at MI6 in the first place. The very first mole. Clearly the British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (palyed by Tim Pigott-Smith in Quantum Of Solace) was also compromised by Blofeld as well. He doesn't want Bond to win. If you watch closely, all the clues are there.

And how far does Spectre's control of the Bolivian police extend? I would also love to see an expanded role for the fat unfriendly German from Casino Royale... Goldfinger is back. There's so much to explore still. Craig better come back for
another one. Let's figure it out.

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