The Book Prize contest

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Hmm - I like this portal, but think that rules was unfair. Why You should be based in UK? Why not to change it even to -" if You are outside of UK, we can meet near MI6 HQ building to give You your prize, or at next Bond premiere in London?" . It will be more interesting, if You don't want to send abroad. And it's nice way to give prizes - for me one of interesting things in London - was the book shop with red history of MI6 just straight to Parliament. Imagine how many SIS agents were walking there writing the stories for book, in real...


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    ........................... did not understand a word of that.. :-??
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    Because the publisher is in the UK, the version of the book is for sale in the UK, and they get to choose which territory to give it to.

    There are plenty of worldwide competitions.
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