lald tarot cards?

Seen a set of lald promo tarot cards, boxed, slightly scuffed but nice. £47.00
Proper '73 ones, not reprints. A good buy? Or goodbye?
Should I live, or let die?


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    Do all three in my opinion, and link it here so we may steal if from you. I would live and let buy on this one because, who knows, maybe you can steal a girl or two through Moore-style seduction super suction, let us know what you choose.
  • TheWizardOfIceTheWizardOfIce 'One of the Internet's more toxic individuals'
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    Got a set myself that I paid a fiver for about 15 years ago.

    Nice to know they're appreciating in value.
  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy My Secret Lair
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    If you buy them, you can use them to see how much they'll be worth in a few years time. ;)
  • DragonpolDragonpol
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    I have a copy of the little book that comes with them but sadly not the cards themselves. It sounds a little steep for my wallet but I guess they're just going to keep going up and up in value as time goes on so if you really do want them you'll have to bite the bullet at some point. That's the best advice I can give you.
  • Major_BoothroydMajor_Boothroyd Republic of Isthmus
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    I think you can get them cheaper - on ebay for sure. I'm in New Zealand and these things crop up quite often on our eBay equivalent (trademe) for relatively cheap. I managed to get one lot for one NZ dollar! - about 50p! The box was slightly crushed but that's it. But if they're pristine and first run then it could be worth more (not sure of the reprint history of those cards).
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    Thanks for the responses guys. I decided not to buy.
  • DragonpolDragonpol
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    shamanimal wrote: »
    Thanks for the responses guys. I decided not to buy.

    Yes, hopefully they'll come along cheaper at some point. I'd be interested in getting them at a reasonable price myself to go along with the book I have.

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